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In the last twenty years, the world has faced dramatic changes: climate change, economic downturns, a worldwide pandemic, geopolitical upheaval, terrorism, and the collapse of various industries. It will now require an overhaul to handle these global tectonic shifts.

In Leading Through Disruption, Andrew Liveris provides a new leadership paradigm for resilience and agility in a rapidly changing world.


This book is a must-read guide for leaders in various sectors, who are keen on not only ensuring current success but protecting the planet’s future for everyone.


Liveris, who was recently chosen to lead the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Organizing Committee and is former Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, presents a variety of powerful tools that will enable you to tackle any problem quickly and responsively, with an eye to creating a more equitable, sustainable future. 

In these pages, you will learn how to: 

  • Create and use metrics that quantify the positive impact on all members of society. 

  • Collaborate with scientists, politicians, regulators, corporate boards, and other stakeholders to create effective policies that work. 

  • Broaden your company’s focus to include both long-term sustainability and short-term profitability without sacrificing the former to gain the latter. 

  • Strengthen local communities via corporate investment and advocacy for the improvement of amenities and services for all. 

  • Hire team members who fully and proactively support strategies to improve the world and its future. 

  • Become a sought-after advisor on how to respond quickly and decisively to uncertainties. 

Andrew Liveris shares essential wisdom from his four decades of global leadership experience in business, government, academia, and civic society.


This book is a powerful tool for any aspiring leader. 



MARC BENIOFF, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce

“Andrew gives a master class in leadership and offers a blueprint for how business and government can work together to solve the biggest problems facing humanity.”


SIR TONY BLAIR KG, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“Andrew Liveris offers a set of principles, lessons and skills any leader should learn — and they come with all the more authority and insight given his illustrious career across industries and around the world for many decades.”


RICHARD BRANSON, Founder, The Virgin Group

“Andrew Liveris takes us on a masterclass in collaborative, forward-looking leadership. An indispensable guidebook for all those who understand that changing business for good and the world for the better are two sides of the same coin. “


RAY DALIO, Bestselling Author, Former Chief Investment Officer, Bridgewater Associates

“A great guide for navigating complex global challenges from one of today’s most astute business leaders. There's a lot in it that is especially valuable now.”


JAMIE DIMON, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase

“By turns practical and insightful, Andrew’s resilience and depth of experience in a rapidly changing world shine through in Leading Through Disruption. There are many important lessons shared in this book, which are instructive and apply to all of us.”


ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

"Andrew Liveris has four decades of global leadership experience, bringing together his Greek zest for life and people and his talent for innovation. Now, Leading Through Disruption distils his wisdom for the world’s future leaders.”


HENRY KRAVIS, Co-Founder, KKR & Co. Inc.

“In a world full of uncertainty — politically, economically, and environmentally – Andrew Liveris shows that, under the right leadership model, we can bring all stakeholders across the global spectrum to the table to plan out a better future.”


SATYA NADELLA, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

“Andrew Liveris offers a thoughtful perspective on how leaders can create clarity and energy around a shared purpose, vision, and strategy, even amidst times of rapid change and uncertainty.”


INDRA NOOYI, Former Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson, PepsiCo

“Throughout his career, Andrew Liveris has been adept at building multi-sector collaborations to benefit the private sector, the not-for-profit sector, and the planet. Leading Through Disruption distils his lessons into an indispensable guidebook.”


HANK PAULSON, Former United States Secretary to the Treasury

"Leaders in today’s volatile world have much to learn from this book. Andrew Liveris transformed Dow into a global market leader while placing a major emphasis on sustainability. He is truly a citizen of the world with an ability to transcend cultural differences. He is able to work with heads of state, regulators, customers, and stakeholders around the world while maintaining a relentless, results-oriented management focus. "


GINNY ROMETTY, Former Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, IBM

“A sweeping read that combines historic context with behind-the-scenes accounts to give aspiring and C-suite leaders practical, strategic tools to navigate our complex world and serve multiple stakeholders. Leading through Disruption is an ambitious exploration of how the past has shaped the unique leadership our world needs now. “


DAVID RUBENSTEIN, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, The Carlyle Group

“For those interested in dealing with the challenges of leadership in the modern age, Andrew Liveris has written a cannot-put-it-down primer. I cannot recommend this leadership guide too highly.”


KLAUS SCHWAB, Founder, World Economic Forum
“To master systemic transformation goes far beyond managing change. Andrew Liveris’ book equips the reader with the intellectual and pragmatic framework to succeed in the new corporate environment where permanent disruption is the prerequisite for success.”


JULIE SWEET, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Accenture

“Andrew Liveris has written an insightful primer on a new kind of leadership that is urgently needed in this era of disruption. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in how business must change and collaborate to create a future that works for all.”




Andrew is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Dow Chemical Company and the former Executive Chairman of DowDuPont. With over forty years of global leadership experience at The Dow Chemical Company, his career included roles in manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and business and general management around the world. More.

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