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America used to define itself by the things we built. We designed and produced the world's most important innovations, and in doing so, created a vibrant manufacturing sector that established the middle class. We manufactured our way to the top and became the undisputed economic leader of the world. But over the last several decades, and especially in the last ten years, the sector that was America's great pride has eroded, costing us millions of jobs and putting our long-term prosperity at risk. Now, as we struggle to recover from the worst recession in generations, our only chance to turn things around is to revive the American manufacturing sector―and to revolutionize it. In Make It in America:


The Case for Reinventing the Economy, Andrew Liveris―Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company―offers a thoughtful and passionate argument that America's future economic growth and prosperity depends on the strength of its manufacturing sector.

  • The book explains how a manufacturing sector creates economic value on a scale unmatched by any other, and how central the sector is to creating jobs both inside and outside the factory

  • Explores how other nations are building their manufacturing sectors to stay competitive in the global economy, and describes how America has failed to keep up

  • Provides an aggressive, practical, and comprehensive agenda that will put the U.S. back on track to lead the world

It’s time to stop accepting as inevitable the shuttering of factories and staggering job losses that have come to define manufacturing. It’s time to acknowledge the cost of inaction.


There is no better company to make the case for reviving U.S manufacturing than the Dow Chemical Company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and most global corporations. And there’s no better book to show why it needs to be done and how to do it than Make It in America.



Andrew is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Dow Chemical Company and the former Executive Chairman of DowDuPont. With over forty years of global leadership experience at The Dow Chemical Company, his career included roles in manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, and business and general management around the world.


Andrew presents a realistic and informed view of America's manufacturing problems and what needs to be done about them." —Warren E. Buffett

"A well-written and timely book that deserves wide circulation. Everyone concerned with America's economic difficulties should read it." —The Washington Examiner

"Mr. Liveris here raises an interesting argument and calls for new thinking." —The Washington Times

"This book serves as a clarion call for rebuilding the United States' manufacturing base." —New York Journal of Books

"Calls for a national strategy to revive manufacturing . . . doesn't shy away from proposing ideas that have defeated countless other reformers." The Wall Street Journal

"Perhaps because Liveris is Australian by birth, his economic patriotism comes across as genuine and heartfelt." The Washington Post

"Liveris delivers a clear and compelling case for maintaining a robust manufacturing sector in the global marketplace of the twenty-first century. Every American who is concerned about the current or future state of our economy should read this book. For those who believe, as I do, that a strong manufacturing base is vital to creating jobs, innovation, and prosperity, this is a book to read and recommend to everyone you know." Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

"The perspective of a chief executive who is really makin gvital decisions about the location of manufacturing plants and research centers is well worth hearing . . . full of stimulating ideas and remarkably well written." The Financial Times

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