15 July 2022

CHEMENG EVOLUTION | Social Experience blog series - Andrew Liveris - In a wide ranging and intellectually stimulating conversation, Andrew Liveris and John McGagh discussed resilience, globalisation, education, environment, and the role that Chemical Engineers might play as they help to shape in the planet in the 22nd Century.

11 July 2022

EKATHIMERINI.COM | Τurning a crisis into an opportunity

5 June 2022

THE AUSTRALIAN | Many myths need busting in the gas market.

4 June 2022

THE CHRONICLE | Opinion: What kind of Olympics do we want for Brisbane?

2 June 2022

THE CHRONICLE | Olympic committee boss runs a ‘lean’ team to avoid cost blowouts

2 June 2022

PERTH NOW | Wells to join Brisbane Olympic committee

2 June 2022

SMH | Leaders, elders want Brisbane Games to be ‘lighthouse’ for First Nations

26 May 2022

CHANNEL 7 | Interview with Max Futcher from Channel 7 at the Gabba, talking all things Brisbane 2032.

17 May 2022

ALARABIYA | Saudi Arabia’s Lucid EV factory to receive $3.4 billion in incentives

17 May 2022

BLOOMBERG | Lucid’s Saudi EV Factory to Receive $3.4 Billion in Incentives and Financing


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